Judge allows thousands to join child support lawsuit

Suit alleges state is creating modern-day debtor’s prisons by jailing parents who don’t pay

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Welcome to the site of Georgians for Family Law Reform, formally known as Georgians for Child Support Reform. Be sure to check out our forums while you are here! You can click on the link to the right ——-> and register to participate.

HB 189- Third parties collecting Child support

This bill would allow third parties to become equal partners with OCSE to collect child support.  Sponsors of the bill are Mark Butler, Rich Golick and Wendell Willard. Please read the bill ,contact these members and your own Representatives and let your feelings be known.

 Jules comments: We want child support to go through OCSE and go directly to the CP- no skimming off the top and no middle men

2009 Georgia Legislative Session

The 2009 legislative session is about to begin!

Please bookmark: Georgia General Assembly

On the left and right side of the front page you will find links to legislation for the House and Senate among other useful information.

This year, we are hopeful that we will see some changes made to our custody laws that would benefit children who has a parent who is currently serving in our military. We don’t have many details to share at this point, but as soon as we do, I will keep you informed.

~ Happy 2009!

- CaSandra